A Wonderful Surprise

I wanted another Morgan so my husband Dave and my daughter Anna could ride with me. I knew I didn't have time to train another one, so I wanted to get a well trained, safe horse that was ready to go. But just graduating from college and just starting a new job, I really didn't have the financial means to purchase one right now. Then I get a call from my friend Molly... did I know anyone who would give one or two of her older mares a good home (at a GREAT price)? I said "ME!" And that is how Missy came to live with us!

Cricket was so happy to have a friend! Being a horse with no buddy for 6 1/2 yrs must have been harder on her than I thought! She went right up to Missy to make friends and proceeded to get clobbered! Poor baby! But after a week they had worked it all out, and now I can't keep them apart! They even share the same hay pile for dinner.

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